There is a divine, life-force energy that exists inside you, waiting for an opportunity to unfold to its potential and permeate its love and bliss into every layer of your being. The divine energy known as Kundalini is your direct connection to the Source, God, Creator, to your very true Self. The boundless possibilities that exist within you and from where you can immerse into the very native stage of your being, to realise your full potential, to connect to the true aliveness and fullness of who you are...

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Choose from a single class or a pricing plan.

Investment for a single KAP online is €30 or  a package of 5 KAP online classes for only 100 euro.

KAP is best when practised regularly.

However, if you experience hardship and cannot afford the suggested investment, please contact me via email, and we can look at a reduced cost.

Until further notice, there are no classes in person.

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To join KAP online, you will need:


  • Good internet connection

  • Speakers or microphone connected to the laptop or device of your choice (preferable laptop)

  • Zoom downloaded to your computer

  • Private space where you can feel comfortable

  • A yoga mat or a blanket


At Sunset


take advantage of the below offers

  • 5 KAP online classes

    Limited Time Offer.
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • Online via Zoom
    • Schedule your 5 KAP classes within 10 week period
    • Best to schedule your classes in advance
    • Limited availability per class
    • Reschedule the class within 8 hrs before the class began
    • No cancellation
  • 5 KAP online 1-to-1

    5 for 4. Limited availability
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • Online via Zoom
    • Schedule your 5 KAP 1-to-1 session within 10 week period
    • Schedule your session in advance, limit availability
    • Reschedule your session until 8 hrs before the session began
    • No cancelation