After completed the training, I was eager and enthusiastic to share the KAP modality with the world. Since December 2019 I have hosted a number of KAP classes and 1-to-1 sessions around Ireland and Poland. I am and looking forward to visiting many wonderful places and offer KAP classes and workshop.

As the world has changed since the pandemic started I continued to offer KAP classes in online settings for groups and private sessions.
It's been a wonderful journey and has given the possibilities for everyone to experience KAP from the safety of their home. 

KAP Facilitator training Sydney 2019
KAP open class

About me:

My name is Diana Kasperska. I am an accredited KAP facilitator. I trained with Venant Wong, the founder of KAP. He is the energy master and the transmission vehicle for this raw force of Kundalini energy. From the very first KAP session with Venant Wong, I felt strong guidance and witnessed life-transforming events. I surrendered to the process and trusted the guidance within me. Shortly afterwards I was invited to attend a KAP facilitator training with Venant Wong. Following my intuition and the guidance of awakening Kundalini energy within me, I committed to the path of becoming my best self and I am very enthusiastic about sharing this life-changing healing with the world.

The transmission of this powerful life force of Kundalini energy may result in spontaneous healing, a deeper connection to the Divine and the expansion of consciousness.

​KAP a leap into a new dimension of life.

I experienced a deep inner transformation that has changed my life in a way that can't be put into a simple wording. The beauty of KAP activation is such that the energy works proportionally to the needs of one`s system and to the extent & capability to receive, hold and integrate energy in any given moment. 

The energy doesn't stop working at the end of the sessions but the activation continues as it also deepens and integrates further in one`s system with every session.

I worked with many individuals and witnessed their transformation. KAP is a modality that can be truly life-changing. According to many participants, it was the most cathartic experience that they have ever experienced. KAP is available to anyone who wishes to open themselves and surrender to the process.

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A transformative journey within

as you discover and realise your potential

You can experience KAP in a group session, or as a private session online and in person. I am based in Ireland, but I am happy to offer workshops worldwide. If you would like to organise a workshop in your city, please get in touch with me.