The journey of the remembering

What I have to share, I feel called to share with the whole world. 
I feel called to share this with you.
I wish to support you in your own journey of discovery; a journey of embracing your truth and purpose. This is the beginning of your journey of remembering. A journey of embracing your gifts, of living life to the fullest by diving into a deeper understanding of who you are.
A journey of going beyond all that you think you know in order to find your new self. A journey of recreating yourself in alignment with your higher calling. Allow me to hold the space for your transformation.

I was trained by Venant Wong to become a conductor/catalyst for this energy. I have studied the works of many teachers and listened to their messages; however, the deepest truths and realisations have always come
to me by the grace of the divine guidance within.

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart . Who looks outsi

is a spiritual process that evokes and intensifies this lifeforce energy that exists within each and every one of us.
With the help of a facilitator, this practice makes it possible to create and hold the space for
the energy to gather and for it to be experienced on many levels. The process doesn't require
any special knowledge or skills. Participants are asked to lay down and close their eyes. This
brings you into the state of relaxation, a state of being receptive to the energy and a willingness to surrender to the process. That's all that it takes.


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Deep inner transformation
through direct experience

Many participants report a profound transformation.

The process and energy work on many levels, cleansing, balancing, unblocking and upgrading your
system. Our bodies are made of 7200 energy channels (Nadis), and every single one leads to

certain possibilities within. This energy helps to restore connections within your system,
helping you to live your life with a deeper understanding of your full potential.

The process is primarily designed for spiritual growth and development. It evokes, amplifies
and supports integration of the life force energy, (Kundalini, Chi, Shakti) helping the
process of growth to begin, develop and deepen.  

The process starts from a zero-point perspective and begins in a state of absolutely no expectations.

It is based on direct experience and the only requirement is to let go.
The process is a tool that helps us to see the truth that has always been there, to reflect upon it and realised what's needed. In the altered state of consciousness,  connection and energy flow our true selves come out.

We are returning to where we came from, to the deep knowing of our true nature, bliss and possibilities. 

However, as well as spiritual development, we cannot ignore the benefits that the process
brings to the daily lives of most of those who participate in it.

Knowing your higher truth and being connected to the Source energy is your birth right.

How can you benefit from this process?

The process itself and the energetic unfolding that comes from it are unique to each
individual. The benefits that it brings to each person is very personal.

Shall we see what this process can help you with?

One common benefit that often occurs during this process is the releasing of trapped
emotions. These trapped emotions are often the reason for unhealthy habits, compulsive
behaviours and even the route cause of illness or disease.
Releasing these emotions creates space for new ideas and a more conscious way of living.
The process helps you gain your power back. You are returning to your natural state of balance.
You are gaining the wisdom on how to feel the whole spectrum of emotions without
suppressing them. 

Unshakeable peace and ... clarity

Gain clarity by freeing your mind. From moment to moment our conscious mind is only
aware of 5% of the information that our brain is processing while the other 95% is left to our
subconscious. Our subconscious mind stores our beliefs, traumas, suppressed memories and
learned beliefs. Greater awareness allows us to understand that most people are not truly
living their lives but running on a subconscious program that determines their success or
failure. Perhaps an opportunity to change is greatly desired but relying on just 5% of mind’s
capabilities makes it very unlikely. For most people, the change needs to begin at the level of
the subconscious mind.

The process helps to rewire the brain, physically creating new connections in your brain (synapses) that give you greater space to create new patterns of thought and belief, new experiences and the removal of old beliefs that no longer serve you. This gives you the power to shape and create a life that is truly yours, no longer based on
outdated beliefs and thought patterns that you absorbed from the culture around you.

Have more energy than ever before.

By engaging with this process your energies may grow to greater levels than ever before and
you may find that you have become far more motivated. Many participants become more inspired,
more present and ready to truly start living their life. You will become excited about
what is to come. You will be ready for new experiences.

In this space, you may develop a new relationship with your body. This is where healthy new
habits can form and as you begin to gain the strength to break long held negative patterns and
addictive behaviours. In this space, you can start to truly take care of yourself. The healing of
your physical body will begin when your mind is clear and balanced and when the energy
within you is flowing more freely.

This is when ... mystical events can begin to happen.

When your body is at ease and your mind is clear, this is when the energy will start to flow.
This is when you can start accessing higher states of awareness. During the sessions, people
have reported having mystical experiences, experiences of feeling connected to something
greater. Whatever name you choose to call it, whether that be the universe, God, source, self,
etc., and however you choose to understand it with your intellectual mind, the power of these
experiences themselves is undeniable. When we allow the energy to flow unfiltered, we begin
to expand our consciousness and start to realise our full potential. Experiences such as these
are so transcendent and transformative that it is not possible to continue living our lives as
before after having had one. These profound experiences ultimately lead to deep and lasting
inner transformation. 

​This can allow you to unlock your true potential, to dive deeper and deeper in the waters of
life. This creates a greater awareness which allows you to trust more fully in the perfection of
life and allow the universe to do its will unto you. You will be more able to create healthy
relationships with friends, family and workmates, to create a new life for yourself that is full
of joy and peace

Take a minute…

…and try to imagine what life would be like if you lived it from a place of joy, peace,
freedom and understanding? How could you benefit from inner transformation? How would
your friends, family, loved ones and all of those around you benefit from it? This life can be a
wonderful journey when you allow it to be so, so allow yourself to connect to a deeper
understanding of who you are, your truth, your purpose. 
​We are in the middle of a transformative time. Our Earth is changing, it’s vibrational
frequencies are getting higher and, as a result, the tools for transformation are changing too.


Kundalini Activation is a wonderful tool, available to anybody who is willing to open
up to new possibilities.

The vast majority of people have no idea of their true power and potential.

Most people live the story that has been concocted in their minds, rather than the reality of
life that is in front of them, living constantly in a state of despair, shame and blame. On the
opposite side of this life of fear is a whole sea of possibility and abundance.

Whether we meet online or in-person I invite you to take a step towards your own

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